Traeger Won’t Turn On? Follow These 7 Steps

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A Traeger pellet grill not turning on can be a frustrating experience.

There can be various reasons causing this issue, such as the power supply, component failures, or external factors affecting your grill’s performance.

Keep reading this troubleshooting guide to resolve the issue.

Key Takeaway

If your Traeger grill won’t turn on, examine the power supply, Molex connectors, and electrical components like the auger, hot rod, and fan. Additionally, ensure you perform regular cleaning and preventative maintenance.

Step 1: Ensure You’re Using a 110V Power Source

Use a 110v power source for your Traeger to ensure proper functioning and reduce the risk of electrical damage.

Remember to avoid using damaged or unreliable outlets when connecting your grill.

Step 2: Inspect the Power Cord for Wear and Tear

Visually inspect the power cord for any signs of damage. Additionally, ensure the power cord is securely connected to the grill and the outlet.

If you find any issues with the power cord, I suggest replacing it to avoid potential safety hazards and further problems.

Step 3: Test the Electrical Outlet to Ensure It Works

Sometimes, the issue might lie with the electrical outlet itself. To test this, try plugging your Traeger grill into a different outlet you know is working properly.

If the grill turns on when connected to a different outlet, it could indicate a problem with the original outlet, such as a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.

In this case, you may need to consult an electrician, reset the breaker, or replace the fuse.

Step 4: Verify the Controller is Functioning

The control panel is a crucial component of your grill. If it’s not functioning properly, your Traeger grill won’t turn on.

To assess the controller:

  1. Look for error codes that appear on the display screen.
  2. Confirm the fuse in the control panel isn’t blown (i.e., it’s not blackened).
  3. Verify that buttons, switches, and sensors are functioning correctly.


Blown fuses are a common reason for control panels not working, as they blow during overloads or short circuits to protect components.

Step 5: Ensure the Connectors Are Secured

Various components in your grill are connected to the control panel via Molex connectors. Ensure all the connectors are fully seated and the wires aren’t damaged.

Step 6: Regularly Clean Your Traeger Grill

Regular maintenance of your Traeger grill is essential for its optimal performance. Here are some tips to keep your Traeger in top shape:

  • Clean the grill grates and grease bucket after each use. Clean the firepot, heat baffle, and drip tray every few cooks.
  • Store your grill in a dry and protected area: Moisture and outdoor elements can damage the electronic components of the grill. Invest in a cover specifically designed for your Traeger model.
  • Keep it unplugged when not in use. Disconnecting the power supply can help prevent any accidental ignition or electrical surge damage.
  • Regularly inspect and test the various components of your Traeger grill to ensure their proper functioning.

Step 7: Contact Traeger Support if Needed

In some cases, your Traeger grill may not turn on despite following all the above troubleshooting steps.

In that case, it’s time to contact Traeger customer support. You can call them at 1-800-TRAEGER (1-800-872-3437).

If you need to purchase a replacement part, I recommend buying from the Traeger website, so you know you’re buying authentic parts and avoid warranty issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a few questions about your Traeger not turning on, check out these FAQs.

How Do You Reset a Traeger?

You can perform a hard reset on Your Traeger grill by going to Menu > Settings > About Grill. Next, hold the Ignite button for at least 5 seconds until the Traeger logo appears.

Why Did My Traeger Go to Sleep?

Your Traeger may go into sleep mode when it’s inactive for a while. This is also when firmware updates take place.

Why Is My Traeger Not Powering On?

Common reasons your Traeger grill may not power on are a tripped ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), faulty electrical outlet, damaged extension cord, or a blown controller fuse.

Can You Start a Traeger Without Pellets?

The Traeger pellet grill requires pellets to produce heat and smoke. If pellets aren’t moving through the auger, add more to the hopper.

Final Thoughts

If your Traeger won’t turn on, there’s probably an issue with the electrical outlet or your grill’s control panel. The most common reason for a faulty control panel is a blown fuse or a loose Molex connector.

If you’ve tried all the solutions in this guide, I recommend contacting Traeger customer support for help or inquiring about your warranty. 

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