Pit Boss Fan Not Working? 3 Easy Ways to Fix It

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The induction fan on your Pit Boss grill should always be on. The fan keeps the fire (and smoke) flowing evenly throughout the cooking chamber, which cooks the food more symmetrically.

For this reason, the grill can only function correctly if the fan is rotating. So fixing it is imperative.

Key Takeaway

If the fan in your Pit Boss grill isn’t working, verify the yellow wires are connected to the control panel and aren’t blocking the blades. Next, manually spin the fan to ensure it’s not jammed after an extended period of non-use. Lastly, clean the fan to ensure it’s free of debris. If none of these steps work, you may need to install a replacement fan.

Keep reading to learn how to locate the fan in your Pit Boss and fix it or even replace it if needed.

How to Access the Fan on Your Pit Boss Grill

Before troubleshooting, disconnect your Pit Boss from the electrical outlet to ensure it’s off so you don’t get electrocuted.

To locate the fan, look in the compartment with all the wiring.

You’ll notice that all the wires are held together with a zip tie. Use scissors (or wire cutters) to cut the zip tie. However, use caution and don’t accidentally cut anything else.

The yellow wires are what you’re looking for. These wires connect the fan to the control board.

You can remove the screws and disconnect the Molex connectors (the white plastic housing at the end of the wires). Now, you have full access to the fan.

How to Get Your Pit Boss Induction Fan Working Again

Now that you know how to access the fan and its wires, you can begin troubleshooting. But, again, ensure the grill is unplugged before you try any of the steps below.

Inspect the Wiring to See if It’s Damaged, Jammed, or Disconnected

Any wiring-related issue will cause the fan to malfunction. So, verifying there isn’t a wire-related issue is a wise first step.

First, ensure the wire isn’t caught in the fan blade. If it is, simply removing it could cause your fan to work correctly again. However, if the fan brackets are bent, you’ll need to replace the whole part.

Next, look at the wires for damage. There are numerous reasons wires can become damaged, such as weather, rodents, or general wear and tear.

If you see any exposed wiring, contact an electrician to help you fix it. Alternatively, you can purchase a replacement fan.

Heads Up

If you see red wires, those aren’t for the induction fan! Instead, the red wires are for the auger motor, which moves the pellets.

Lastly, ensure you connect the Molex connectors all the way. You’ll want a snug fit. You can disconnect them and reconnect them to ensure they fit correctly.

Manually Spin the Fan to Ensure There’s No Debris Causing Friction

The fan could jam if you haven’t used your Pit Boss for a long time. This issue may arise the first time you use it after taking it out of winter storage.

If that’s the case, you may need to kickstart the blades manually. Spin the blades with your hands and verify there’s no grime causing the fan to remain stuck.

To give the fan’s motor extra help, you can add oil to help it spin easier. The oil will also minimize the chances of the fan failing in the future.

Clean the Fan to Remove Grime and Debris

Since grills are for outdoor cooking, it’s no surprise they can quickly build grime and debris inside.

That’s why it’s crucial to clean all parts regularly (and thoroughly). The cleaning schedule should include the induction fan.

Here’s how to clean the fan on your Pit Boss grill:

  1. Disconnect the grill from the electrical outlet.
  2. Use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the fan and wire bundle.
  3. Wipe down the fan blades with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Purchase a New Fan and Follow These Installation Steps

If none of the above options fix the fan, you may need to replace it entirely. You can purchase a new fan from Pit Boss and replace it yourself by following these steps:

  1. Ensure your Pit Boss pellet smoker or grill is unplugged, and remove the pellet hopper to expose the wiring and the fan.
  2. Cut the zip ties to access the bundled wires and unscrew the fan from the mount.
  3. Unplug the Molex connectors (on the yellow wires) that connect the fan to the control board.
  4. Remove the old fan and add the new one.
  5. Reconnect the yellow wires and put the screws back in place.
  6. Plug in your Pit Boss grill and test out the fan.

If your Pit Boss fan still doesn’t work after installing the new one, you may need to reach out to customer support, as there could be a more significant issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have issues with your Pit Boss grill, check out these common Q&As below.

Should a Pit Boss Fan Run All the Time?

The fan should run as long as your Pit Boss Grill is on. The fan will continue to run for 7-10 minutes after you shut off the grill to ensure the pellets are entirely burnt.

What Does the Fan Do on a Pellet Grill?

The fan on a pellet grill circulates hot air created by the burning pellets, which cooks the food. Most pellet grills have a built-in fan that can be adjusted to different speeds, depending on how much heat is needed.

Final Thoughts

The induction fan helps maintain the cooking temperature and ensures the hot air circulates. So if the fan isn’t rotating, the grill won’t function correctly or circulate smoke.

Examining the wiring is a quick and easy solution that could solve your fan problem. The yellow wires connect the fan to the control board, so those are the ones to inspect.

If you’ve checked the wiring (and Molex connectors) and it’s all in order, consider replacing the fan. You can buy a replacement one directly from the Pit Boss website.

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