About the Author “Steven Bell” and GrillMentor.com

About Grill Mentor

The idea of “GrilMentor” came to mind while having a discussion with my friends about all the information on the web lacking quality grilling advice. I realized that there’s a gap in the industry when it comes to finding the best grills and how to use them at their max potential.

If you are trying to figure out which grill is best for you, then make no mistake and you will find it here. Anyways, that discussion I had with my friends lead me to create GrillMentor.com. My goal is to mentor my audience throughout that process.

Grill Mentor

The idea behind Grill Mentor is to provide honest information about different Grills on the market that fits a need for a specific situation. Whether it’s the best grill, grill cleaner, grill recipes, etc. GrillMentor.com is the best place for sharing grilling advice. You can find unbiased reviews here on GrillMentor.com